Diiamon’d Royalty – Ooo Ooo Ooo

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Tonio Royale – District

Tonio Royale exudes the type of mentality that's needs to be put worth when you want to put on for your city. Especially a small one like Kissimmee, Florida. Yu... Read More

Some Kosher Yuppy – Real 1’s

Some Kosher Yuppy follows up his latest release with a music video for his single Real 1's. This video is some what a continuation of  the "Could Be Worse" m... Read More

Louis B – No Stress

Louis B gets a ready for his upcoming album ‪ ‎"No Stress The Album‬" with the release of the No Stress music video. CONNECT WITH LOUIS B ON TWITTER|... Read More

Kid Cray – 629 DOWNLOAD

Kid Cray delivers another self-produced song, this one titled 629. 629 give us a little taste of what we can look forward to off of Kid Crays upcoming proje... Read More