This summer has blessed us with a lot of great music from a lot of new artists and I had a chance to chat with one of them, his name is Kiddmani. I got to learn a bit more about him and what’s in store. Check out the his latest single titled Summertime Vibe Ft. G.N.X & Krystal K below. Comment, share and enjoy the flow.

Sounds Current: How would describe KiddMani?

Kiddmani: Kiddmani is actually short for Kid Maniac. Growing up I used to be on the crazy side I used to have a wild side. I was living life on the edge, wherever I’d go just I was wilding out going crazy. I use Kidd Maniac as that second person. When it comes to the music Kiddmani is more mellow more chill and Kidd Maniac is my wild Side.

SC: When did you start making music?

KM: I think it was my 5th grade year I did a back to school rap for a karate show. And I started taking it more serious during 7th and 8th grade. While doing stunts on bmx bikes and skateboarding with my friends we would practice freestyling. It got serious for me when I got into a professional studio around my junior year of high school. I even got to call my senior year high school to open up for Lil Durk in Orlando. That was my first show. After that I began working with ORap Studios, which helped to build me as an artist.

SC: What city are you from and what’s it like growing up in your city?

KM: Born and raised in Orlando FL, west Orlando is my side of town Paramore, actually. Coming from that side of town it’s kind of hard it’s one of the most dangerous towns in our city. And you either playing football or selling drugs on the street that’s the typical story. Now I did play ball but I had an injury to my foot my senior year that cause me to take the music more serious.

SC: What inspires you when you’re about to create new music?

KM: I really make music based on how I feel I can make that party music but at the end of the day I made music just for myself because that’s my outlet.

SC: Dead or alive who would like to collaborate with?

KM: My number one pick to collaborate with would be Kid Ink. Also Tory Lanez, Lil Durk and MGK I love his energy.

SC: Are you currently on tour?

KM: I was on tour with OG Maco in the spring and I hope to be going on tour soon.

SC: What is your favorite thing about be an indie artist?

KM: Nobody can’t tell me how to make my music, pretty much freedom. I make music based on what I want to hear and how I’m feeling. I control when I drop any project.

SC: Where do you see your music career in five years?

KM: I want to go International I really want to go International. You see these days being sign is not really a thing even though it would be good and gravy if I did get signed to make things easier. I want to being able to travel in spread that energy and have fun to give people am experience that you only get from my shows. Let’s just say if I’m not national within the next year I’m not doing something right.

SC: What should we expect from you for the rest of the year?

KM: Just expect straight hits I’m ending the year out with the banger.

SC: Where can fans find your music?

KM: SoundCloud, I’m certified on Spotify just search Kiddmani and you can find my music on many other music platforms.

Fire Round

SC: Summer or winter time?

KM: Winter

SC: Dab or milli rock?

KM: Dab, I can’t milli rock

SC: Kendrick or Big Sean?

KM: Kendrick, for the culture

SC: Driving or flying?

KM: Fly

SC: Tour life or recording

KM: Tour life

SC: Anything else we should know?

KM: Trophy season coming out soon!