I have been a fan of Eric Biddines since I discovered the video for Railroads Down/Unchained off of his album Planetcoffeebean 2 check it out here. With the release of his latest album The Local Cafe we had to chop it up with the southern charmer himself. Enjoy the flow.
Sounds Current: What is the story behind Planetcoffeebean?
Eric Biddines: Planetcoffeebean is just an alternative place I made up to create without rules or boundaries. I meshed my love of coffee with the name of this mental location.
SC: On your latest album The Local Cafe where did you pull your inspiration from?
EB: I pulled inspiration from the locals and my immediate surroundings. I wanted it to sound regional and bring my audience into my community while uplifting my roots.
SC: Being that you are from Florida I enjoyed seeing you in a different scenery out in the mountains for the visual for Peeuurrnn. Were there challenges while shooting the video?
EB: The challenges was COLD!!! I froze maybe 8 times. Other than that maybe the screens acting up and our devices going dead from the low temp. It got -3 degrees at a few points. But we had a good time and got off some beautiful shots.
SC: Would you ever want to reside anywhere else besides the Sunshine State?
EB: I could spend some time in Australia and LA. It’s tropical like south Florida. I need a temp spot in London because I do a lot of work with my group Golden Rules.
SC: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of being an independent artist?
EB:  In my case there haven’t been much difference these days other than getting that not so big these days advance from the major. I’m indie but you have to still rely on distributors, agents, managers, publicists, retail placement and media. So much changed you have to be super on top of every single person taking care of your project. it’s so easy for things to slip through cracks and one delay can throw off an entire campaign. The indie and majors are almost operating the same.
SC: On one of your tracks I heard that you don’t partake in drinking or smoking why is that?
EB: I haven’t smoked almost never. Tried weed around 14 or so. And tried drinking around 22-23 but it wasn’t for me. Never had a complete reason. I’m a huge outkast fan and was inspired by Andre 3000 not participating. Honestly it just never taste good lol. But recently i’ve been getting into red wine and the culture/art around that. It reminds me of coffee just the overall essence.
SC: If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive today who would it be?
EB: Alive it would be Big Krit for sure and as always Sade. I like Oddissee a rapper/producer out of the DMV. Luckily almost all of my collaborators are alive. Dead….Luther Vandross I grew up on Luther.
SC: Do you plan on going on tour at all this year?
EB: This year I may do some key spot dates. But other than that not proper Tour. The Local Cafe LP is pretty much an appetizer for whats to come. And with that there will definitely be touring.
Fire Round Questions 
SC: Michael Jackson or Prince
EB: Michale Jackson!
SC: One other talent besides creating music?
EB: Making artwork out of construction paper.
SC: Morning person or night owl?
EB: Morning for the Coffee.
SC: Favorite type of food?
EB: Salmon grilled.
SC: One thing on your bucket list?
EB: Open a Local Cafe.
SC: One, Two, Three, Peeuurrnn we are done. Thank you Eric for taking the time out and chop it up with Sounds Current.
EB: You are very welcome! Also check out planetcoffeebean.com I got some stuff on that and I’m selling physical CD’s.
Purchase your own copy of The Local Cafe here.